BIH Supports Software Development for Delirium Management / by Alawi Luetz

We are very happy to announce that the Berlin Institute of Health (BIH) in association with Charité’s technology transfer will support further development of our prototyping software for management of delirium in critically ill patients.

Part of our new ICU room design is a LED screen which extends from the head above the patient down to the patient's feet. The visual content of the LED screen is based on a computational design approach. Instead of playing back pre-recorded animations, the visual content is driven by predefined parameters. These parameters include the results of pain, agitation and delirium (PAD) monitoring.
Now, we will take the tablet software that collects all the information of PAD monitoring to the next level: The software will not only receive a beautiful interface but more importantly will help to support training on how to use the different assessment tools by using interactive education methods. Moreover, it will help the nurse and physician to decide which instrument to use for a specific patient to make the assessment less time consuming.
The new tablet APP will integrate seamlessly with the rendering software responsible for the visual content on the LED screen. However, you will also be able to use the APP for training only (stand alone solution). With the first release, the APP will be available in English and German language.

We hope that this approach will not only increase implementation of these important monitoring tools but more importantly will help to improve recovery of our sickest patients.

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