Delirium Monitoring Associated with Reduced Mortality by Alawi Luetz

We present the results of a prospective, non-interventional, observational cohort study that was conducted on two ICUs of a tertiary care medical centre. We assessed delirium monitoring and outcome parameters on a daily basis. Of 355 screened patients, we included 185 surgical ICU patients into our final analysis of which 87 were mechanically ventilated.

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Delirium, Sedation and Analgesia in the ICU: A Multinational Survey by Alawi Luetz

Data from our recently published survey indicate that awareness concerning a systematic management of delirium, sedation and analgesia in ICU patients is increasing. Fourty-four percent of ICUs that participated in our survey reported to routinely monitor for delirium with a validated score. Thirty-five percent had implemented validated scores for delirium, sedation and analgesia.

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Should we Abandon Benzodiazepines from the ICU? by Alawi Luetz

Non-pharmacological interventions for the management of symptoms like anxiety or hallucination are preferable. Furthermore, conditions like insufficient analgesia or a beginning sepsis should be excluded. However, if symptoms persist, a pharmacological treatment is necessary. Benzodiazepines may continue to play an important role in treating persistent anxiety and agitation in critically ill patients. 

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