VITALITY-Study Results to be Presented at ESICM LIVES by Alawi Luetz

Together with our project partners ART+COM and GRAFT Architects we developed a new intensive care room concept to reduce patients' anxiety, helplessness, and stress. The patient's perceptions and needs were the starting point of this project. In 2013 we finished the renovation of 2 double ICU rooms. We hypothesised that the delirium incidence for patients treated in the modified rooms is significantly lower when compared to patients treated in the standard rooms.

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Silencing the ICU by Alawi Luetz

Considering all available evidence, we redesigned two ICU rooms with the aim of investigating the physiological and clinical impact of a healing environment, including a noise reduction and day-night variations of sound level. Within an experimental design, we recorded 96 h of sound-pressure levels in standard ICU rooms and the modified ICU rooms. In addition, we performed a sound source observation by human observers.

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